About Us

Mobile Accessories & Electronics
The biggest store for electronics in Pakistan to supply thousands of quality items with an original store guarantee.

Who We Are?

We’re an e-commerce company and our end is to review the way the retail assiduity is working in Pakistan and to take the e-commerce sector from the immaturity stage to the mature stage by working towards a more client-centric business approach and icing client convenience and delectation.
Live Store, is an online platform where guests will get all feathers of ingrained accessories, substantially mobile accessories without indeed fussing about their originality. Live Store has been launched with an end of furnishing ONLY genuine and ingrained accessories with a plutocrat- reverse guarantee if the product fails to meet quality norms. Live Store is furnishing a one-stop result for Cellular accessories and the Technological requirements of the guests. Live Store provides a price matching policy at its online store where you get the stylish price and genuine product both while sitting at home.
At Live Store, our high emphasis revolves around helping our guests save time and plutocrat. Live Store values the trust that our guests, associates, representatives, and service providers place in us. This is why we’ve invested in creating an e-commerce platform that allows you to order your asked product and bid to manage particular information in agreement with our core value of respect for the existing. We want guests to not only place their order but also view former orders and we make sure our client gets completely satisfied with our product and service. For those who prefer to operate via social media. Live Store has its own devoted Facebook and Instagram runner for queries and special offers.
We’re always looking to ameliorate our service to guests and this means harkening to what our guests want. However, we always look forward to hearing from you, If you have any feedback for us.