Warranty Details

Livestore.pk deals in original brands only and offers a bond for all its products. Still, the Warranty period varies for all the different brands present on the website. Attached below is the table to check the bond period for some of our brands.

Brand Warranty Period
1 BASEUS 1 Week
2 LENOVO 1 Week
4 XIAOMI 1 Week
5 ANKER 1 Year
6 HAYLOU 1 week
8 MPOW 1 Year
9 Amazfit 1 Week

All Warranty claims will take 14-15 Days to Process. The customer will have to wait till that time.

  1. Products on special sale or limited-time promotion have a warranty of 1 WEEK.
  2. Livestore.pk will replace or repair a product under bond for any manufacturing blights or any problems that arise from normal use and we will replace it with the samemodel.However, we will offer a analogous or upgraded model, If the model is discontinued or out of stock.
  3. Customers can request after-sale service from Live Store by providing a purchase invoice, contact number, or order number. In case customers lose the invoice or box, the warranty will be void.
  4. Customers can request after-sale service from Live Store by providing a purchase invoice, contact number or order number


  1. Artificial damage such as charging using harmful power levels or using unapproved accessories.
  2. Any blights or damages caused by indecorous use include but aren’t limited to the operation which does n’t misbehave with the bond or notes shown in the product specifications. For illustration, disassembling the sealed product shell will void the bond.
  3. Any defects or damage caused by other behaviors which cannot be controlled by Livestore.pk
  4. Ordinary wear and tear.
  5. Products not purchased from Livestore.pk
  6. Product not up to customer’s expectations.
  7. Products having fitting issue. (Earbuds)
  8. Software issues in smartwatches.


  1. A Warranty Service Order must be requested from the livestore.pk within Warranty Period from the date of receipt of shipment. To request a Warranty Service Order, contact livestore.pk Service Team at info@livestore.pk
  2. The cost of return shipping will be borne by the customer.
  3. The Order number and necessary contact information (including but not limited to name, phone numbers, purchased date, etc.) must be clearly written on paper by the customer and must be included along with the returned product.
  4. The returned product must be in good physical condition (not physically broken or damaged).
  5. All accessories and box originally included with your purchase must be included with your return.
  6. If you return a product to livestore.pk, (a) without a Warranty Service Order from livestore.pk (b) without all parts included in the original package (c) without original Invoice, livestore.pk retains the right to refuse delivery of such return.


We recommend you insure that product you’re transferring back is defective. Try it with a different bias. You may call our representatives who’ll help you reset the device where applicable. However, you can transport the product to us to claim the bond by paying one-way shipping charges (Whatever amount the logistic company charges you), If the product turns out to be faulty. However, we will shoot you a relief product free of charge, If you shoot the product within 7 days and the product is declared defective by our QC Team.

  1. This limited warranty is only valid in Pakistan and covers accessories sold on livestore.pk
  2. livestore.pk may conduct individual tests on guests‘ products to identify the causes of failures/ blights. Before returning any unit for service, the client should back up data and remove any nonpublic and/ or particular information from the product. the live store isn’t responsible for damage or loss of any program, data, or removable storehouse media.
  3. Prior to contacting an livestore.pk service agent, please ensure the following information is at hand:
  • Model, serial number, and product packaging.
  • Customer’s full address and contact information.
  • Purchase order number generated by livestore.pk.
  • This warranty does not cover the following cases:
  • If the product isn’t compatible with the client’s device. The client is responsible for icing that the product they ’re buying is compatible with whatever device they ’re buying it for. Incompatibility with a specific device (phone/ laptop/ auto/ Television/ Google Home etc) won’t be considered a disfigurement.
  • Still, canceled, defaced, If the product journal number or bond seal is unreadable or has been removed. If any accessory or external part of the product is missing.
  • Warranty does not cover natural wear & tear, usage under extreme conditions, damage due to improper care (accident, misuse, or negligence), and damage caused by natural disasters such as floods, fires, or earthquakes.
  • Still, including but not limited to cracks, dents, If any damage occurs in/ on the external face of the product.
  • Power Bank cells can come weaker after multiple cycles of use, charging affair can get dropped which is normal for any rechargeable battery, So it’s subject to get lower over the passage of time, and isn’t covered in Warranty.
  • General maintenance, cleaning, application update/installation, product demonstration, or any other service other than repair/replacement;
  • Deterioration of the product caused by normal wearing and tearing, including but not limited to rust or stains;
  • Any other circumstances that are contradictory or are not in compliance with business ethics.
  • Change of mind of a customer
  • Unavailability of the original invoice.
  1. Manufacturing warranty applies on:
  • Manufacturing blights in accouterments and workmanship of the product. This bond applies when the product is used under normal conditions and for the purpose for which the product was designed.
  1. The company will determine whether a product is “Out of Warranty” at the company’s discretion according to the standards listed below.
  • Violations against warranty, including but not limited to customer-induced damage, such as self-repairs, exposure to water, damage caused by misuse, flashing ROM, alternation, failure to comply with product manual, and so on.
  • Invalid warranty
  • Expired warranty

Please fill the below form for warranty claims:

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